Shuttles to/from Hopkins Village

The friendly, slightly rustic coastal village of Hopkins attracts travelers looking to soak up sea breezes and the Garifuna culture. This definitely is one of BZ (Belize) Shuttle most requested destination. Hopkins is a Garifuna village on the coast of the Stann Creek District in Belize. It is considered, by some Belizeans, to be the cultural center of the Garifuna population in Belize. The town hosts its own national day, Hopkins Day, and welcomes anyone to their celebration on Garifuna settlement Day as well. Both sides of the village hosts amazing Resorts where your driver will safely shuttle you to and from, resorts like: Almond Beach, Jaguar Reef, Jungle Genie- just to name a few.

Today Hopkins is a small but vibrant community of approximately 1,000 villagers, and is a place your shuttle driver knows very well. The people live mostly by farming and fishing; and more recently, many found work in the growing tourist industry.

About Hopkins Village

Hopkins is unpretentious place to meet other travelers. As a matter of fact, it marks a great base for explorations to the cayes, reefs, jungles, mountains and parks to the west. The Village has a selection of gift shops, restaurants and small bars. One famous bar is the King Cassava Bar- at the entrance of the village via shuttle transfer.

Some of the biggest attraction for travelers going to Hopkins is the accessibility to dive sites and snorkeling off the coast. There are a number of spots nearby where you can enjoy snorkeling- like Silk Grass Caye. Fishermen love Hopkins! The local guides offer activities from reef fishing to deep-sea big game fishing trips.

Interested in cultural tourism? Hopkins is the best place for learning about Garifuna drumming. There is a local drum school, and many of the hotels can arrange for you to partake in a session.  Nature sites like: Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and Bocawina, home to the longest Zip Line in the country, are all accessible from Hopkins. At times, your shuttle driver may give you a short tour around the village, before taking you to your resort.

Hopkins Village FAQ's

Getting to Hopkins from the Belize International Airport or Belize City: By Shuttle: Leaving directly from Belize International Airport (PGIA), the shuttles are reasonably appointed – offering the convenience of the public buses along with the comfort and speed of driving yourself. Out shuttles take approximately two and a half hours, and they’re straight shuttle to Hopkins Village.

How to get to Hopkins, Belize: From Hopkins Village,  they are 3 options on how to get from Hopkins To Belize City or Belize City Airport:

  1. By Bus: Wait at the bus stop in front of the Police Station at Hopkins. The bus departs early in the morning. Note to always check the sign that is placed on the bus to see where it is heading. What you want is to hop on the Bus heading to Dangriga which will only take an hour. Once at the Dangriga Terminal, you will then hop on another bus that’s heading to Belize City.
  2. By Taxi: to cut the time in half, all you need to do is head to the bus stop in front of the Police station in Hopkins. You then hop in now of the cabs to take you to the bus stop at the entrance to Hopkins (Along the highway). You will then wait for the bus that takes you directly to Belize City.
  3. By Shuttle: To cut time and the hassle, contact us and we will pick you up at your hotel, resort, or Airbnb at Hopkins and transfer you safely to your final destinations. Whether it is Belize City to the Belize City International Airport.

Note that the bus will be just a few dollars but expect crowding and multiple stops along the way. From Belize City to Dangriga, the journey will take around three hours.

The distance between Belize City and Hopkins is 71 km.